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A professional accounting firm working with business owners and individuals. It handles more than just tax preparation. We provide close personal and professional expertise in the following services: bookkeeping, payroll processing services, investment reporting, IRS representation, notary public, and of course tax planning. As a true business partner, Itax Company is available to help deal with any business problem or new opportunity.


 It's rare to see anyone being passionate about taxes but that's exactly how I would describe owner of iTax Company. Joanna is very knowledgeable, professional and passionate about her job. I know i can trust her. If you struggle with accounting or maybe you are not sure about your current accountant skills you need to talk to iTax accountants. I'm very pleased with their services and thank you for all the help!"

Michal Dudzinski

 Level of Customer Care is Excellent. Joanna is incredibly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants aggressive, proactive advice for your business taxes."

Olga Dziedzic

 What a great place! Amazing services and experience. Very satisfied with the level of professionalism and knowledge provided by Joana. By far the most professional accountant I have ever met! iTax company highly recommended!"

Kamil KoprasTax Preparation

 My husband and I have been going to Joana to file our taxes for a few years now and she is awesome. We don’t live close to Palatine but we don’t care driving to her Office because we know how much knowledge and experience she has. In fact I have recommended her to other family members and they also have switched to her. She’s easy to deal with and will listen to any questions you have and answer them, no matter how dumb you think the question might be. Overall I truly recommend her!"

Marisela Lopez

 iTaxCompany is the place to go if you need help with your taxes. Joanna is amazing !!! Professional, knowledgeable, helpful and very patient. She walked me through everything, she understands IRS process and tries to get the best refund possible. I highly recommend iTaxCompany !!!"

Beata JaimesTax Prepraration

 Joanna is very knowledgeable, determined, and skilled in her field. This is the second year preparing taxes together and I am very satisfied with the quality of professionalism and attention to detail that she provides to her clients.Thank you!"

Stanley HanacekRax Preparation

 Joanna is a very competent and reliable person. Thanks to her, I could file my tax quickly and without any problems."

Joanna Kozner

 Joanna is an expert at what she does!"

Patricia JTax Preparation

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